The NASCAR of water visits Morehead City

Thousands flocked to the 7th Annual Grand Prix

0916 Grand Prix

MOREHEAD CITY - Thousands flocked to the Morehead City Water Front AND NC Port for a front row seat to see the 7th Annual Crystal Coast Grand Prix.

The boats speed up to 140 MPH. During the race one boat lost control, flipped, and landed upside down.The two drivers were able to get out and swim to saftey. Neither were seriously hurt.

Keri McCann, Co-owner of Jack's Waterfront Bar says the event is one of theĀ  last minute financial boost as the summer wraps up. McCann is also the wife of Jeffery McCann , one of the racers who helped bring the event to Carterett County.

"We are a tourist town so it helps to have something else. It gets us through the winter which is very slow," McCann said.

Over the past 7 years, the race has generated more than $850,000 for businesses per year.

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