The Crystal Coast continues to clean up after Arthur

The Crystal Coast continues to clean up after Arthur

Morehead City, Carteret County - Debris clean-up is continuing along the Crystal Coast. The Morehead City Public Works Director David McCabe says there wasn't much road or building damage, but several trees lost limbs. He says almost every street had at least some downed limbs from Hurricane Arthur.

Because the President hasn't declared a state of emergency for Morehead City after the storm, damage clean-up is standard. Residents are asked to drag debris to the road, where specialized trucks will collect it on garbage day.

McCabe says crews were behind earlier this week, but have just now gotten back on schedule. He says all debris should be collected by the end of next week.

Not much damage was done to roads across eastern Carolina. The North Carolina Department of Transportation reports about $15,000 in damage to a a single lane near the temporary bridge at Pee island. NC DOT reports about 20 feet of pavement buckled and will need to be re-paved.

The only road damage on the mainland was found today on Highway 264 in Dare County near Stumpy Point. A pipe needs to be replaced. Construction will begin Wednesday evening.

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