Tenant battles moldy apartment

Tenant battles moldy apartment

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - A home should be a safe haven, but one woman has discovered that her home is infested with mold.

Amanda Darnell contacted NewsChannel 12 about a mold problem in her New Bern apartment.

"It's in the air, you can smell it. You're breathing it in," said Darnell

She moved into the Camden Square Apartments September 2012. Darnell said about a month after she moved in, mold began taking over her home.

"It started small and then it started to fester and the only solution i have is to keep the ceiling fans running. Well, the ceiling fans are running but what about the mold in the closest, what about the mold in my shoes," she said.

Darnell lives at the apartment with her nine and six-year-old daughters.

She showed us the problem areas where mold was covering walls, clothes and even her children's toys.

"It's causing chest pains, it's causing my daughters to have strep," said Darnell. "It's bad when it starts to affect your health."

NewsChannel 12 took these concerns to the manager of the complex. Craig Stone, the President of Wynnefield Properties, told us there is an apartment in the complex that wasn't running its thermostat, which is a stipulation in the lease. Stone said that can cause mold.

Although he would not confirm if that apartment he mentioned is Darnell's. Stone also said he has never seen a complaint filed by Darnell. Darnell said she's called the front office several times.

We then checked those facts on mold with a local health department official. She tells us the only way mold could cover a home is if there was no circulation and high humidity for an extended amount of time.

Darnell said she ran her thermostat and fans as per instruction from the complex.

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