Ten and 11-year-old accused in home break-in

SNOW HILL, GREENE COUNTY - An 11-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy were picked up by Snow Hill police Tuesday after a break-in at a residence in town, according to The Kinston Free Press.

The investigation began for authorities on Greenridge Road Tuesday.  Authorities were looking into a report of an activated alarm at the residence, according to the article. 

A police officer reported he saw a boy running from the back of the house into the woods, Police Chief John Rae said.

Two Razor kick scooters were laying in the yard, and deputies placed them into a patrol car.

The article reported, a window at the back of the house was broken and the security alarm was ripped off the wall. 

Not too long after that a neighbor reported someone had broken into her car.  She also noticed things had been misplaced. 

It did not appear anything had been taken from either location, except possibly a small amount of change from the car.

The Kinston Free Press published the story Wednesday. 

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