Teen's Facebook 'LOL' after DUI lands her in jail

A Kentucky judge wasn't laughing out loud when she tossed behind bars a woman who wrote "LOL" on her Facebook profile about a DUI charge she'd just received.

Paula Asher, 18, was arrested for DUI after police said she crashed into another car while driving drunk and then fled the scene, ABC News reports. After being charged, the phrase "My dumb**s got a DUI and I hit a car…LOL" was seen on Asher's Facebook profile.

The parents of the teens in the car Asher allegedly hit apparently didn't like the cheeky comment, and complained to Judge Mary Jane Phelps of Woodford County. Asher made a court appearance July 20, and the judge ordered her to delete her Facebook account because of the comment. When it was discovered that she did not comply by her Aug. 28 court date, Judge Phelps charged Asher with contempt of court and ordered her to spend two days in jail.

After the time behind bars, Asher went back to court on Sept. 10, where she told the court she'd since deactivated her Facebook account. Asher said she wasn't trying to be disrespectful, but "didn't think LOL would put me in jail," reports ABC News.

Asher is due back in court Monday, and is reportedly still not on Facebook and not driving. She has a job, ABC News reports.

What do you think: Should a judge be allowed to order a person to delete their Facebook profile, and should a comment made on social media be enough to put someone behind bars?

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