Teen Totes Sign As Punishment

NEW BERN - Drivers along Highway 17 in New Bern saw one teenager pacing with a sign that wasn?t advertising pizza or cash-for-gold -- instead, she was atoning for bad behavior at school.

Her father says 15-year-old Quandria Bryant had turned into a "mean girl," and she needed an attitude adjustment. Part of her punishment was a public confession and, a teenager's worse nightmare, public humiliation.

Quandria, who?d recently been suspended from New Bern High School, was made to wear a two-sided sign that on one side read, "I have a bad attitude. I disrespect people who try to help me."

?She acts like it?s all about her,? her father Donell Bryant said. ?At the end of the day, it?s not."

Quandria didn?t want to comment about her sign, and she even used it to shield her face while she marked her route along the highway.

?Instead of embarrassing the teacher, she?s the one embarrassed,? Donell said.

Donell wanted Quandria to pace the area of Highway 17 just when her friends would be getting out of school, just when all the buses would be driving by.

Christine Baker, who saw the sign driving by, even stopped to ask if the message was getting through and seemed to agree with the tactic.

"If more parents did this, then kids would learn respect," Baker said.

And after all those hours on the roadside, Quandria said she does plan to improve her attitude.

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