Teen murder mystery marks 24 years

Teen murder mystery marks 24 years

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - It's been 24 years to the day Thursday since a teen was murdered near Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern. Detectives said 16-year-old Curry Spivey's death remains a mystery.

New Bern Police said the 16-year-old was coming back from a party when he got into an altercation near Howard Street.

Curry's twin sister, Kareem Spivey said she could sense something was happening to her brother that night.

"I felt everything. I felt when he got cut across his neck I felt when he got stabbed in his back I mean I felt all of that," Spivey said.

She said she could hear someone yelling from her window.

"I heard him. I mean like he was calling me. He was like, ‘Kareem help, help, help'. Where we were living was directly across the street from the graveyard," Spivey said.

She said she thought she was crazy and went back to sleep.

The next morning she waited for him to pick her up on her first day of high school, but he never came. Police said he'd been murdered.

New Bern Detective Chip Dombrosky said Spivey was found dead early in the morning on September 4, 1990 at Cedar Grove Cemetery, right across from the New Bern Police Headquarters.

"There was a series of blood spatters and blood trails that were led from the Howard Street area across the graveyard to where he was located against the wall," Dombrosky said.

He said he has been involved in this case from the start.

"This particular case was extensively investigated at the time it occurred in 1990," Dombrosky said.

He said they've gone through the case many times and re-interviewed people over the years to find new leads.

"People may fear somebody 24 years ago that they don't fear now, friendships change, and you never know who that person is who is going to be able to provide that key information," Dombrosky said.

Spivey said after 24 years she feels better, but hopes the community will help her find answers.

"It has just been hell ever since because we have no clue," Spivey said.

Curry was her only sibling.

"That's a part of me that has been missing for a longtime. I am at peace but I need this to be closed for my mother's sake," Spivey said.

Spivey described her twin brother as a fun guy with a business-like mind.

Dombrosky said if you or anyone you know has any kind of information in this case to please contact New Bern police or Crime Stoppers. A reward of up to $6,000 is being offered for information in the case.

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