A Craven County teen's three year battle against cancer comes to an end. 15-year-old Jalen Bryant, of Cove City passed away Wednesday. Newschannel 12 has been following Jalen's struggles and triumphs for the last two years.

NewChannel 12 first met Jalen Bryant at age 13, a couple months after he'd been diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma - a form of bone cancer.

His mother Deborah Hargett said Jalen was a typical 15-year-old boy. She said he loved sports, video games, and had a passion for debate

"He was pretty opinionated, and brutally honest," Hargett said.

She said he wanted to grow up to become a lawyer.

Jalen's mother said in 2011 the cancer appeared in his hip, and then spread to his spine. However, in 2013 he was basically cancer free for a whole year, according to his mother.

“Just to see him get up and be able to go back to school and be a kid again. It was just great," Hargett said.

Then in February of this year things took a turn for the worst. The cancer came back and spread to his liver.

"At the end, it was hard because his body was changing and he was suffering. So that’s not easy for a parent to see,” Hargett said.

Hargett said, in his final months, one the high points for Jalen was learning to drive using hand controls.

Before his death, Jalen wanted to find a way to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

“That was his last wish, to do something to just put it out there,” Hargett said.

"Jalen Nation" was the name he chose for the foundation before he died. Now, his mother said she'll work to make his legacy live on.