Teen Fixes Bikes At ReCycle Shop

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Teens Repair Broken Bicycles

PITT COUNTY - Fourteen-year-old, Firas Mooring, is a busy guy.  He used to just ride bicycles.  Now, he helps repair them.

"When I first came here, I was interested in it.  I always wondered what they were doing in the shop.  My counselor told me they fixed bikes, and I wanted to do it," said Mooring.

With the help of head mechanic and mentor, Alvin Gardner.

"I teach them how to work on bikes.  I teach them about the business and the workplace," said Gardner.

To get the bike certification, students go through three phases.  The first phase is bicycle basics such as what to do when you get a flat tire.  The second phase is bicycle mechanics where they learn about the crank system and the headset.  The third phase is where they go deeper into the bicycle and learn about the wiring system.

"I fix bikes, but I help myself and the people around me become better men and they help me," said Mooring.

There is more at work here.  The ReCycle Shop gives students like Mooring a lifetime skill.

"We're teaching them a skill so that if they were riding down the road, and they see somebody in need that has a bike broken down, they can go and help them, or if it's just someone in their community," said Gardner.

It's a shop that puts out great bikes, but also great young citizens.

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