Teen drowning victim identified

GREENVILLE - Greenville Police are investigating the death of a 14-year-old boy at a swimming pool.

It happened after 5 p.m. Thursday at a pool on Rollins Drive.  Police say LaQuan Hines and five other kids were swimming at a pool in Rollinwoods. According to some of the kids, Hines was last seen at the deep end of the pool, next thing they knew he went under and never came back up. Family member say Hines did not know how to swim.
Hines' uncle says one of kids pulled him out, while another tried to do CPR until paramedics arrived.

Family members said this is the second death in the family within a day. He was going to be a freshman at South Central High School in the Fall.

Alice Peele says her son and Hines were best friends; she says her son never made it to the pool that day.

"My son hasn't even been out the house since the incident happened. He's in shock too, he can't believe it either," Peel said. "A lot of the kids out here are like that. They're walking around with their heads down sad."

Police say Hines death was an accident.

Despite the no trespassing sign and a sign that requires children under 18 accompanied by an adult, people like Peele want to know how the kids got into the pool in the first place. She believes someone should have confronted them since they were not following the rules.

"They saw them saw them kids in there and then the cry for help. I know they heard it, know they heard the cry for help," Peele said.

LaQuan and his great aunt died an hour apart from each other in unrelated incidents.

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