Teen Could Have Topped 40MPH In Fatal Skateboarding Accident

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WARREN COUNTY - Andrew Uhlman, 14, was on vacation with his family at Lake Gaston when he sneaked away to go skateboarding down a steep hill.

His dad, Michael said he was always a daredevil who loved sports and being outside..

"He didn't know any speed but wide open. He did everything to the fullest and maximum," Uhlman said.

Andrew had told his Dad he wanted to go down the hill in a golf cart earlier in the week but his Dad told him it was too steep and it wasn't a good idea. However, Andrew decided to go anyways. He wasn't wearing a helmet or shoes when he got into the accident.

"He was coming down the hill. He was probably between 40 and 45 miles an hour on the skateboard. He just kinda fell off and rolled and hit the back of his head. It basically crushed the back of his skull," he said.

A landscaper found him and called  for help. Michael arrived on scene a short time later.

"I was just outside the truck and knew it was bad. It was that traumatic. It was horrible," he said.

Andrew had just graduated from here recently and he would have been a freshman at J.H. Rose High School this fall. His parents said he was loved by many and was looking forward to to that next chapter in his life.

His mom, Charlotte knows what she will miss the most about her son.

"The craziness, the risk taking. He didn't think anything could ever happen to him. He was always looking for a way to push the limits," she said.

He was a boy with a bright smile who knew no boundaries.

Andrew's funeral will be held at Covenant Church in Greenville on Thursday July 12 at 3:30 p.m.

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