Teachers awarded grants for bright ideas

Carteret Craven Electric Cooperative giving more than $19,000

Teachers awarded grants for bright ideas

CRAVEN COUNTY - Bill Ward with Carteret Craven Electric Cooperative surprises teachers and administrators with money from the Bright Ideas Grant Program.

"The Bright Ideas Program is where we fund creative and innovative teaching projects that can't be funded by normal means," said Ward.

The teachers apply for the grant, but the surprise comes when Mr. Bill walks through the door.

"The have no clue whether they've won or not.  The principal knows only that we're coming here today because we have some grants to give out, " said Ward.

The teacher's name is written on the check to use for their bright idea. The CCEC has 28 checks to give out which totals to more than 19,000 dollars.

"I am super excited.  Without this grant, I would not be able to implement this in my classroom," said Courtney Merkel, winner of a 900 dollar check.

There are some administrators on the prize route.   Shawn McCarthy, assistant principal of Tucker Creek Elementary School, will be using his 700 dollar check towards a "Hunger Games" project.

"They're going to read the novel, and as they read the novel, we'll have activities and art activities.  Then, we integrate in the math, science, language arts and social studies," said McCarthy.

Bright minds all stem from bright ideas.

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