Teacher wins grant to help buy IPads for kids

Bright Ideas Grant Program gives extra money for class projects

Teacher wins grant to help buy IPads for kids

CRAVEN COUNTY - Courtney Merkel, a first grade teacher at Roger Bell Elementary, didn't know she would be getting a large check for a large amount from the Bright Ideas Grant Program.

"I've worked so hard for this grant.  I had four people look over it before I turned it in because I really wanted this grant," said Merkel.

The 900 dollars will be used to get IPads for her students.

"I am super excited about this grant.  I would not be able to implement this in my classroom," said Merkel.

Before the Bright Ideas grant money, Merkel used her personal IPad in the classroom, and the students had to share.

"They're having to take turns using it once a week and sharing it, but with this grant, I'll be able to buy at least three IPads," said Merkel.

It gets the first grade teacher closer to her goal.

"My dream is to have a one-to-one classroom.  That means every student will have an IPad," said Merkel.

It's a bright idea to kick start bright futures.

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