Syringe-shocked Mom: Should I pick it up?

Mom finds needle at park, calls for help

Syringe-shocked Mom: Should I pick it up?

CRAVEN COUNTY - A mom who found a syringe near a playground called authorities for help.

The discovery happened shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday at Creekside Park, outside New Bern.

"I could pick it up, I guess," the unidentified woman told a dispatcher.

"I wouldn't advise that," the dispatcher replied.

"I'll send a deputy," the dispatcher said.

The mother was at the park with her son.

"Diabetics don't do things like this," the mother said of the abandoned syringe she found steps from a playground.

The discovery was made in the back parking lot of the 111-acre park.

Creekside is home to several Craven County sports leagues, including the New Bern Area Soccer Association, New Bern Sunday school baseball, and special needs baseball.

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