Swim Safety Tips For Summer

Swim Safety Tips For Summer

New Bern, Craven County - After a drowning death this week in Jacksonville, officials in Craven County are reminding parents of the importance of water safety.

"Drownings occur, and they can occur in just a matter of seconds, especially the little ones," Terry Brubaker of Craven County Department of Social Services, said.

Brubaker manages the child and family services division at the department. She said her program advocates for child safety, especially when it comes to water.

"Any body of water can be a place for drowning for a child," she said.

Brubaker advices parents to pay attention to warning signs around swimming areas, and remove all toys from pools after use so children are not tempted to use them.
Most important, she said keeping a watchful eye is the best way to prevent a tragedy in the water.

"(Parents) need to be sure that they are right there with the child when the child is in the water."

According to the North Carolina Child Fatality Prevention Team, 92 accidental drowning deaths of children were reported between 2008 and 2010.

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