Suspended coach loses appeal

GREENVILLE - Suspended J.H. Rose High School football coach Todd Lipe's appeal hearing on Wednesday ended in a unanimous vote to uphold the ruling.

 Lipe was suspended in November amid the fallout over star player Maleek Gorham's status at D.H. Conley High School. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association ruled Gorham ineligible to play at Conley after they said his family lied about residency requirements. A federal judge upheld that decision in December.

Gorham previously played at J.H. Rose High School before he transferred to D.H. Conley.

The 3-member human resources committee at the school voted in favor of the ruling.  Lipe's coaching contract was terminated, but he will remain a teacher at the school.



Pitt County Schools released a statement Wednesday that J.H.Rose football coach Todd Lipe and county athletic director Ron Butler are back at work.

Both men were suspended during the fallout of the athletic eligibility investigation of D.H. Conley football player Maleek Gorham. On distinction is that Lipe has returned to work as a teacher, but is still under suspension as the head football coach for the Rampants.

Last year, Gorham played football at J.H. Rose High School. He transferred to D.H. Conley this year.

After initially being cleared to play football, he was later found ineligible by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association for 365 days.

Pitt County Schools Superintendent Dr. Beverly Emory said Wednesday that Butler will no longer had a say in player eligibility, nor will the office of the Pitt County Athletic Department.

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