Suspect wanted in hit-and-run crash involving deputy

Suspect wanted in hit-and-run crash involving deputy

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Troopers are working to find the driver responsible for causing a chain-reaction crash on Highway 70 involving three vehicles, including a Craven County deputy.

The incident happened near the Pembroke Road and Country Club Road exit, near mile marker 416, in the eastbound lanes.

Investigators say a vehicle ran into a blue Toyota Camry, causing it to swerve off the road, lose control, come back on the road, and hit a Craven County deputy who was sitting inside a unmarked, white Dodge Charger. Both cars sustained rear-end damage.

Inside the Toyota Camry were two females who were transported by EMS to Carolina East Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries. At last check they were listed in stable condition, with minor injuries.

The deputy was privately transported to urgent care and is expected to be just fine.

The description of the hit-and-run vehicle is unknown at this point. Police are looking for any information or witnesses to help them find and identify the hit-and-run vehicle involved.

The Toyota Camry is considered totaled and the deputy's vehicle is said to have experienced damage that is repairable.

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