Suspect robs store wearing boxers on his head

GREENVILLE - Greenville Police say a man robbed a convenience store early Wednesday morning while wearing a pair of boxer shorts over his head.  It happened shortly after 3:35 a.m. at the Kangaroo Express at 2600 S. Charles Boulevard in Greenville.

The store clerk tells officers the suspect came into the store and threatened to hurt the clerk if he didn't give the suspect money from the cash drawer. The suspect took $75 cash and fled on foot.

Greenville Police and Pitt County Sheriff's Deputies established a perimeter around the neighborhood and after a short while, they say they located Erico Ronzay Jordan, 35, of Greenville.  Officers recovered the stolen money as well as the boxer shorts Jordan allegedly used to cover his head.

Jordan was arrested and charged with one count of common law robbery. 

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