Suspect Dead after Early-Morning Shooting

Suspect Dead After Early Morning Shooting

Wilson - Just after midnight Wednesday, police responded to a domestic disturbance call in Wilson County. On the way to the scene in Wilson, police located 29-year-old Julius Tyrone Lucas in a vehicle.

Lucas allegedly fired at officers. One officer returned fire, and Lucas ran away.

Witnesses said Lucas argued with his girlfriend after making a cat call to another woman. The girlfriend ran toward London Church Rd. Apartments, pleading for help, saying Lucas was armed with a gun.

Witnesses said after police arrived Lucas ran behind the BMG Metals and Supply warehouse on the 1700 block of London Church Road.

A short time later, the officers heard a gunshot. They found Lucas behind BMG. Wilson County EMS pronounced him dead.

The shooting is under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

Sgt. Slaughter said Lucas had no prior criminal record.

No officers were hurt.

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