A group of college students from the University of Delaware are spending their spring break here in New Bern building a home.

It's all part of the Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge program.

The home that’s being built is on Walt Bellamy Drive.

The program started in Craven County four weeks ago with three other universities taking part.

Starting with the foundation, each school got a certain section of the home to complete.

This is the University of Delaware’s second year coming to New Bern.

Adding to the structure of the home, each student has written a message on the two by fours.

A message of hope, that will be intertwined throughout the home.

For the past 25 years, more than 229,000 students have spent their school breaks volunteering across the country through Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge program, donating more than $23 million to Habitat affiliates.