Students punished over yearbook prank

Students punished over yearbook prank

NEWPORT - Several Croatan High School students have been punished for altering the 2013 yearbook. School system officials said in a news release, those responsible added in some lewd, fake names. It was meant to be a senior prank.

Those names were printed into the first edition of the yearbook and was deemed damage to school property. Punishment included the chance to partially pay for the damage.

Those responsible  were not charged with any crime and will still graduate with the rest of the 2013 class.

Opinions varied due to the prank controversy.

"It's kind of disappointing that they had to put it in," said one student, who wished to remain anonymous. "I know a lot of seniors that weren't able to purchase one because of the prank you know and our school won't let anybody buy one afterwards which is embarrassing from their point of view."

A parent, who wished to remain anonymous as well, said he didn't see why the punishment had to be so harsh.

"Now if they had said something to hurt someone, hurt their family, embarrass their family, Yeah, I could see that," the parent said.

Remaining yearbooks were not distributed, and officials with the school system said it would be too costly to reprint edited yearbooks.

It is unclear how much money each editor involved will have to pay the school.

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