Students hold walk to help thousands

Students hope to help Malawi

Pitt County - A small group of students at Farmville Central High School are hoping for big change. This Saturday they are holding a walk to raise $6,000 to bring a well to a town in Malawi, Africa.

Thousands of people die in Malawi each year from contaminated water.

"There is a school in Malawi that has only twp bathrooms and they don't even work well and that has to support 4,000 kids, so they don't have water like we do, we take it for granted every day," said Kasey Coburn, a junior at Farmville Central.

The core group of students who have started the project learned about the need while at summer camp.

"After I did the Passport Camps I really wanted to bring it back to Farmville," said Austin Mansfield a senior at Farmville Central.

"When we heard about Malawi and when we heard about Watering Malawi we were challenged to bring everything that we learned back to our hometown back to our community to begin raising awareness here," said Carson Banks, a senior and lead organizer at Farmville Central.

The international program the students are bringing to Pitt County, Watering Malawi, aims to bring clean water to the country to prevent extreme poverty and hunger through the access of clean water.

Registration for the walk will begin at 9:15 Saturday morning at the track behind the school. It will go to the Town Commons fountain.

"It's going to be a two mile walk and really in Malawi they walk up to ten miles and we are just using this as a symbolic representation of the walk that those people have to take every single day just to get clean water supplies," said Mansfield.

Walkers will be given empty water jugs at the start of the course.

"We are going to have people fill up these jugs at the fountain and have them take it back to Farmville Central symbolically representing the walk that the people of
Malawi have to do every day just to access the little water that is available." said Banks.

Students say the welcome donations. For more information on the project in Malawi, click here.

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