Students build their own Mayflower

Pilgrim Engineers

Students build their own Mayflower

From the classroom to the Mayflower, Kindergarten students at Ben D Quinn Elementary have been learning about pilgrims, Native Americans and the first Thanksgivings all month long.

As part of their learning experience all of the students became pilgrim engineers, in charge of constructing their own Mayflower ships.

Engineers from Weyerhaeuser spoke to the students about their engineering career and to assist the students in building their own Mayflower. Students were able to construct their ships thanks to a $100 grant given by Craven County Partners in Education for the materials.

 On Friday, the students got to launch their Mayflowers with an ocean brought in from craven community college in Havelock.

As a grand finale to their project, the class will take a trip to Cherry Branch next Tuesday, where they will board the ferry acting as the mayflower.

Crews on board will be dressed as pilgrims and Indians.

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