Strangers save a grandmother and granddaughter from drowning

Strangers save a grandmother and granddaughter from drowning

CARTERET COUNTY - An 8-year-old said she was pulled in by a rip current. Her grandmother almost drowned trying to save her.

Madeline Murdoch and her grandma, Patricia Holm were at the beach at Fort Macon State Park last Sunday.

"It was a very rough that day. There were a lot of waves," Holm said.

Holm said her granddaughter was playing in a tidal pool just feet away from her when the waves pulled little Madeline into a rip current.

"I'm a good swimmer but I didn't think it was going to feel that rough," Madeline said.

Her grandmother said she jumped in after her, but got caught in the rip current as well. Holm said a small woman dove in and brought her back to shore.

"I was fighting her because my grand daughter was going straight out into the ocean. She said, 'don't fight me or we are both going to drown'," Holm said.

According to Holm, as she was being pulled to shore a teenage boy jumped in and saved her grand baby.

Holm said both rescuers are good Samaritans and complete strangers.

"So many lives would have been completely different had they not saved us. I mean it's beyond words how thankful I am," Holm said.

Rip currents can happen any day at the beach. They're formed when waves break near the shoreline, piling up water between the breaking waves and the beach. They typically form at low spots or breaks in sand bars. To get out of a rip current, swim parallel with the water until you can reach the shore.

As for grandma and her grand baby they said they're happy to be alive. Now, they just wish they could find and meet the people who saved their lives to thank them and donate to the charity of their choice.

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