Strangers alert family to fire that destroys Onslow County home

Strangers alert family to a fire going on outside their home

ONSLOW COUNTY - A family of seven escaped a fire that destroyed their Onslow County home, thanks to the warning of a passing couple.

Aaron and Jenni Standard were delivering a bounce house to a birthday party when they saw flames at the home on Falcon Crest Road near Jacksonville Sunday morning.

"When we drove up, I knew it wasn't leaves. It was just crazy. And I yelled at Aaron and said, 'I think the house is on fire!' So we pulled over," Jenni Standard said.

Jenni called 911 while her husband, Aaron, ran over to the house to see if anyone was inside.

"We realized there were still people inside. They didn't even know their house was on fire. We started yelling at them, 'Get out, get out!' They were kind of in shock. We were in shock just watching it. All of that happened so quickly," Jenni Standard said.

Jenni said they used a hose from a neighbor's house to keep the fire from spreading to other homes until firefighters arrived.

Onslow County Fire Marshal Brian Kelly said the fire started on the outside of the home. Kelly told NewsChannel 12 on Sunday that the fire was still under investigation, and that the cause of the fire was unknown.

Kelly said no one was hurt, but the home was a total loss.

Neighbor Ted Shepard said that's incredibly unfortunate for the family of seven.
"It's going to be very rough. But you know, as a community, we all work as one. If it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us," Shepard said.

Shepard said the neighbors are prepared to help. 

"All of us are going to come together and help these people, because it could've been us that it happened to. You know, it's even worse that its during the holiday season," Shepard said.

The family of seven was very upset and declined to interview. According to the Red Cross, the victims will be staying with family. The Red Cross is providing the family with shoes, clothing and food.

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