Storm Victim Welcomed Home

Geneva Gibbs has been through a lot over the year. 60 years of precious memories were washed away when Hurricane Irene forced four feet of water into her Pamlico home.

"I left before here the 25th of August and thought I'd be back home the 26th," said Gibbs.

Her home had to be completely gutted. At one point it was impossible to walk through her home.

Today, new floors, cabinets, and walls allow Gibbs to move in all thanks to devoted volunteers and $9,000 in donations.

"The first thing I wanted to do is stop and pray thank the Lord for it," said a cheerful Gibbs.

Members of the Pamlico Disaster Relief Coalition helped Gibbs and her family move in. The goal was to beat potential severe weather expected to hit the area.

"I just pray to God it don't come in here no more," she said. "Best feeling I've had in a long time, that's a good feeling to know that I'm here."

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