Storm damage impacts two streets in Kinston

Storm damage impacts two streets in Kinston

KINSTON, LENOIR COUNTY - Homeowners in Kinston say a storm swept through Thursday afternoon, causing damage in a community.

Eastwood Drive and Summerhill Terrace had downed power lines, cable lines, trees, shutters and shingles. A family's trampoline was flipped and found pressed up against a fence.

Lenoir County EMS said they received no reports of injuries as a result of the storm.

Community members say the storm came quick and was scary.

"It looks like just some crazy freak wind came down this street and just blasted into my front yard and just tore my trees down, "said Alan Grady, who had two of his trees snap.

"It was just awful," said Kathryn Duke, who was inside her home when the storm came through. ""Wind moving the trees back and forth. And it scared me. So I started praying. Then I went in the hallway in case something happened."

Joyce Roman says she had just pulled in her driveway when the tree in her front yard snapped.

"I was in the car when it all happened. It was raining very, very, very hard against the car," Roman said. "The car was shaking from the wind--and looked in the front and our large tree has been uprooted and knocked down."

Community members say although there's a lot to clean up, they know it could have been worse.

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