Station rebuilds after hurricane

Foundation is on the rise

Pamlico County - The Goose Creek Volunteer Fire Department was flooded under 56" of water when Hurricane Irene rammed into the coast. Now, a new station is in the works.

"It's larger than our existing building it is going to be 100 foot by 60 foot, and the current building that we are replacing is only 65 foot by 40 foot," said Volunteer Fire Chief William Rowe.

Not only will the new building be bigger, it will be taller. Sand is being brought in by the truck-full to build a six foot mound. After the building is constructed on the mound it should be out of the flood plain.

The new station will be located just down the road from the old station on Lowland Road.

Currently, the sand base is anywhere from three to six feet high. The sand is being donated by the Wildlife Commission. It is left over from dredging that was done over two years ago along the Intercoastal Waterway.

The Goose Creek Fire Department is paying for the new building mostly from insurance money. Goose Creek is the only volunteer fire department in Pamlico County that does not have a fire tax. This makes it harder to raise money for the repairs.

The estimated completion date is by the end of this year.


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