Stabbing suspect's statement to police

Below is Aaron Colten Smith's statement to police about the double stabbing at 518 Turner Street in Beaufort.


"Man, I f***ed up. I f***ed up bad. I'm going to prison for a long time now; I'm already on probation.

"I don't know [where the knife is]. I threw it down in the house, I think. I'm not sure, I blacked out. Man, I told them not to call the cops. I would have left in the morning, but she wouldn't listen.

"No, it's their blood [on my shirt]. Man, I f***ed up bad. I was just trying to go to sleep. She wanted to come in there and argue. I told her I was getting my own place and that I would have left in the morning. I just wanted to go to bed. But no, she wouldn't listen. She had to keep saying she was going to call the cops, so I was like, 'screw it.'" I was already going to go to jail, so I was like, 'f*** it.'" I just lost it and stabbed them. Man, I'm going to go to jail for a long time. now."

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