Specialist: All marines trained in gun safety

Specialist: All marines trained in gun safety

CAMP LEJEUNE - As Tuesday's shooting at Camp Lejeune's main gate is investigated as a negligent discharge death, a Marine weapons specialist is emphasizing the Corps' focus on safety.

"Safety is paramount in everything we do," said Captain Steven Kosnik, Operations Officer for Weapons Training Battalion. "It starts out in boot camp. They're giving prepratory training which usually lasts about a week where they're taught how handle weapons, how to load them how to shoot them."

Capt. Kosnik works on base. As a specialist, he works at the shooting range and directly with gun safety.

At 5:30 p.m. Tuesday 21-year-old Mark Boterf had just finished up a shift as a gate sentry at Camp Lejeune's main gate. He and another sentry who had just finish the shift were sitting in the gate house when the shooting happened. Military investigators said theĀ  shooting was the result of a negligent discharge. Kosnik explains what that is.

"When a Marine does some action that causes that weapon to fire when he or she did not mean it to fire," Kosnik said. "Whether it's bumping the trigger, or something of that nature."

In other words, it was an accidental shooting. However, base officials don't know when or if the shooter will be charged. The shooter is still in the custody of Marine law enforcement.

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