Special needs cheerleader spreads joy: helps anti-bullying campaign

Special-needs cheerleader spreads joy: helps anti-bullying campaign

TRENTON, JONES COUNTY - This past year Jones Senior High School hasn't seen a single fight, a drastic difference from 10 years ago. The transformation has come in part from the anti-bullying atmosphere at JSHS, exemplified best by the cheer leading team.

"they treat each other like sisters, and they call each other out." says Cheer leading Coach Angela Lee.

On the team is Junior Corchanta Greene, a 17-year-old with mild autism and developmental disabilities. The girls have embraced Corchanta.

"That's something i love about the students they treat her as they would anyone else," says Principal Chris Meadows.

The actions of the girls' is indicative of the anti-bullying nature at the school. Students say, everyone loves Corchanta. The acceptance means a lot to her mother.

"They could act differently but they don't and to know that they treat her as a person, not a special person, but a person, it means so much to me, and I am so appreciative." says Corchanta's mother, Constance Greene.

Coach Lee says the Corchanta brings joy to the team, and also the school.

"When the girls and the school accepts kids that are different, then it makes a difference in their life, because we make her just as happy as she makes us." says Lee.

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