Special meeting for new Greenville sanitation plan

GREENVILLE - Greenville city council are meeting Thursday evening at City Hall for a special workshop regarding the sanitation system.

According to Mayor Allen Thomas, the council will get its first look at a new sanitation plan that may possibly be implemented over the next five years.

Currently there are more sanitation workers than in Greensboro.  To fix that, Mayor Thomas says his staff is recommending not filling any vacant positions currently open.  Also, people who are about to retire will be offered early retirement with benefits.  Some positions will be moved to other departments. However, no one will be fired or laid off with this proposed plan.

They hope to move from 3-person trucks to 1-man trucks.  They also hope to have a 20-30% reduction in five years.

Mayor Thomas says this will help their system be much more efficient.

No word on how much money this will save them.

The meeting begins at 5 p.m. at City Hall.

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