South Lenoir High students get hands-on learning experience outside the classroom

POSTED: 6:52 PM May 09 2013

At South Lenoir High School, teacher Frank Emory is getting his students outside of the classroom and giving them hands on experience, by building a house.

"It’s a great opportunity to the students to start from scratch because when they come out here the first year there's nothing there but blocks and end up with the house you see today," said Emory.     

He said the project started at South Lenoir around 30 years ago. Emory said at the beginning of the year students take safety courses to learn how to use the tools and work in a construction environment.

Chaneler Butler is in 11th grade, and said he enjoys learning outside of the normal textbook based classroom.

“When we're able to learn and work hands on I feel more comfortable and more active," said Butler.

 Emory said this 1,740 square foot home is built completely by students from the ground up. He said it takes about a year to finish the home and when it's ready it goes on the housing market.

Donald Mooring is the drafting instructor at South Lenoir. He said the homes are built to last, and knows from experience because he purchased one in 1997.

"It’s a great house, we've added a sun room onto the back and the real good thing is that it will be paid off in two years,” said Mooring.

At the end of June, Emory said the home is auctioned off to the highest bidder and the money goes back to the school.