Someone pays family's Christmas layaway

Family gets free Christmas thanks to anonymous good samaritan

GRANTSBORO - A family of 5 in Pamlico County is getting a free Christmas thanks to an anonymous generous donor.

The Longeneckers were finishing up their holiday shopping at Walmart when the father, Cameron, went to pay part of the bill.

When he arrived at the counter, the person working told him all $389.15 of the layaway had been paid for in full.

"All I could do was cry walking through the store," Tami Longenecker said about when she found out about the act of kindness.

The Longeneckers are overwhelmed and want to thank whoever their helped them buy the gifts. The layaway went to help pay for their three young children's presents.

The family was looking at which bills they had to skip this month to afford the nearly $400 bill. Now the family has nothing to worry about, and the kids can have the Christmas they want as well.

"I just want to say thank you so much, they've given my kids one of the best Christmases they could have," Tami said.

The Longeneckers live in Grantsboro.

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