Some upset over champagne flutes given at prom

Reporter: Leland Pinder

Onslow County Schools released the following statement in response to this story: "It has been a tradition at Jacksonville High School to give each attendee a champagne flute, or other fancy stemware that is etched/engraved with the prom date and prom theme; it is given as a keepsake. "They were given the glasses at the end of the evening, along with other mementos. They have been doing this for more than 15 years; this is the first time it has come in question by a concerned parent. "Prom organizers felt the formal champagne flute seemed appropriate for the formal theme, "A night in New York;" in no way was it meant to be a suggestion or endorsement of alcohol, merely a memento of the occasion. "Furthermore, champagne flutes are a symbol of a celebration, which is what prom is about. They are not exclusively used to drink champagne, during special formal occasions they are used to drink many kinds of beverages or to serve fancy desserts."

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