Some teachers train for a second job, activists

Some teachers train for a second job, activists

GREENVILLE - A small group of teachers met in Greenville Wednesday to learn how to become activists in the fight for public education.

North Carolina Association of Educators is a group that fights for teachers rights in the state. Two dozen teachers met at the Sheppard Memorial Library to learn techniques for motivating others to get involved.

According to NCAE organizer Bryan Proffitt, that can be as simple as getting someone to come to a rally, or give them the courage to speak up.

Teachers have already gone to Raleigh to protest at the capitol, including Tara Speicher, a teacher at Ridgewood Elementary School.

"Yeah we go to rallies," said Speicher. "We went in the legislature building, chanting and shouting."

The workshop was a couple of hours long, but people in attendance said the real work starts after the class ends.

"Teachers need to understand the situation that we face as educators, not only are we attacked financially, but also our jobs are at stake and the future of the educational system," said Collin Medina.

"We're trying to get people fired up to join the fight for public education," said Speicher.

Since last Thursday, both the state house and senate have approved a budget bill that will bring teachers in the state the first raise they've had in six years. However, teachers believe the raise is unfair to teachers with decades of experience.

Governor Pat McCrory said Wednesday he would sign the bill later in the week.

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