Some Pamlico County residents urged to boil water

PAMLICO COUNTY - The Pamlico County Water Department is advising some residents to boil their water used for consumption.

Pamlico County Water System customers may experience low water pressure and outages because crews are repairing a main water line, officials said.

The repair is on Old Lupton Road and Brown Creek Road --including the Sunset Subdivision, Silver Road, and Non Such Road-- all the way to (but not including) Paradise Shores Road in the Whortonsville area.

Officials said periods of low or no pressure can increase the potential for back siphonage and bacteria to get into the water system.

The Pamlico County Water Department is ask customers to boil water that will be used to drink, cook, brush teeth, make ice, and wash hands or body. Boiling the water for one minute should be sufficient, officials said.

Officials said the water advisory, which was issued Wednesday, will remain in effect until further notice.

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