Some N.C. teachers criticize state budget bill

Teachers criticize state budget bill

This year's fiscal budget bill touts teacher pay raises for all teachers, but it's creating controversy since some teachers think it isn't fair to veteran teachers.

North Carolina's state budget passed the N.C. Senate Thursday and the N.C. House on Saturday. Governor Pat McCrory claimed he would sign the bill Monday, citing its benefits to teachers. However, some teachers say the bill will do more harm than good.

One of those teachers is also the President of the Pitt County Association of Educators - Emily Klinedinst.

"We were hoping a three, four or five-percent across the board would've been great, but as it is, it's 18% on one end and .3 on the other end," said Klinedinst.

The teacher salary schedule for 2014-2015 raises teacher pay in steps, with major jumps in raises every five years. Lawmakers said teachers will make more, but Klinedinst disagrees.

"Their longevity... is being folded into that raise," said Klinedinst. "So, what they're saying is a raise, is not a true raise."

In 2008, teacher pay was frozen due to budget issues. It has remained mostly unchanged during that time. In the old salary schedule, teachers would receive a percent increase in salary each year. In the new salary schedule, teachers receive a raise of around $3,000 every five years.

The largest percent increases will go to teachers with from five to 10 years experience. The pay increases can be found in this graph (CLICK HERE).

Some teachers have pointed out some inconsistencies with the 2014-2015 proposed budget. They said it is actually a lower wage for teachers with experience than the salary in 2008. Here's the 2008-2009 chart for comparison (CLICK HERE).

In some of the later years, the yearly wage is lower, sometimes by $2,000 or more.

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