Some ENC school buses to get stop arm cameras

Some ENC school buses to get stop arm cameras

NEW BERN - North Carolina county school systems could soon get cameras for school buses to catch drivers who illegally pass stop arms.

According to the transportation director for Craven County, Toni Floyd, two school buses will be equipped with the cameras, which record illegally passing cars. The video can then be used in court to convict offenders.

"Where we have our problems are when other motorists ignore the stop arms and pass school buses which are in the process of loading or unloading children," said Floyd.

Floyd said, last year, 4 children were killed by motorists illegally passing stopped school buses.

"Hopefully that will be enough to get the public's attention and that people will be a little more alert and aware when they're around school buses," Floyd said.

Recently, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill into law that increased penalties for offenders. Floyd said every year county school systems count the number of stop arm violations on the same day and tally them all up. In 2013, the state chose to have a count in March. According to Floyd, in one day, there were 3,300 violations statewide, 36 in Craven County alone.

The stop arm cameras shooting both forwards and backwards and sits below the stop arm. The forward facing camera takes high resolution video of a drivers face, the backwards facing camera records the car's license plate.

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