Some Croatan Forest trails are now closed

Some Croatan Forest trails are now closed

Croatan Forest, Craven County - There are not a lot of mountain biking trails in eastern carolina, and now there are even fewer. This week half of the paths in the Island Creek Trail section of the Croatan Forest were deemed off limits.

The U. S. Forest Service has closed the trails to help preserve rare plant life near the creek and two historical sites, such as a burial ground and and old village.

Nancy Hitchcock is the woman responsible for making the trails accessible to hikers and bikers by volunteering to clean up the paths. She says she is happy the U.S. Forest Service allowed some of the trails to stay open.Hitchcock says there is work being done to blaze a new mountain biking trail down to Flanners Beach off of Rout 70 between New Bern and Havelock. To find out how to volunteer click here.


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