Solar farm under construction

CRAVEN COUNTY - If you've driven on Highway 17 south of Vanceboro recently, you may have noticed a bright new construction project.

A solar farm located between Aurora Road and Gaskins Road is under construction.

The company involved in the project is Strata Solar based out of Chapel Hill.

The project is slated to have more than 22,000 panels.

The county currently charges $5 per panel. However, after doing research with other counties charges, the county has come up with a plan to charge $5 for the first 200 panels and $1 for every panel after that.

The company went ahead and paid $112,000 to start construction.

A hearing is scheduled for February 17th to discuss permit fees the county will charge to inspect the panels.

Strata Solar is hoping to get some money back once the county commission adjusts the fees.

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