Solar Energy Promises New Jobs In The East

PLYMOUTH - One local town goes on the cutting edge of solar technology, which is expected to help bring a few jobs to the East.

The town of Plymouth is home to a new solar farm that was unveiled Monday morning.

About 10,000 solar panels, lined up in about 16 rows, were installed on 42 acres of land just before Christmas last year. It took construction workers about 17 days to install the panels.

The company that installed the solar panels, SunEnergy1, will profit from this technology, by selling the power to the grids.

We're told that residents who live in the area will not see a reduction in their electric bills.

But with this technology here, Plymouth Mayor Brian Roth says it will benefit the local economy in the long-term.

"When you have a project of this size -- this magnitude -- in rural communities across North Carolina, it will have a significant financial impact long-term," said Roth.

About 85 temporary jobs were created to install the panels. Some permanent jobs at the site are likely in the future.

"We are fans of making jobs, and that's what solar in North Carolina is doing. It's making jobs and investing in areas that need the investments that need the jobs," said Kenny Habul, CEO of SunEnergy1. SunEnergy1 is based in Mooresville, NC, outside of Charlotte.

The company says the solar farm will benefit the town of Plymouth by supplying enough power to 1,200 homes and offset nearly 9,900 metric tons of carbon emissions a year.

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