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NEW BERN - A ride to safety in Brice Creek was not on the Ray family agenda Sunday morning, but no less then 30 minutes after the family took off sparks started fly.

"We were off to enjoy the day. We were going to have a fishing competition and the motor blew up," said Dawn Ray.

"It was scary," said 10 year old Logan Ray. "It was on fire and you could see the blaze and we thought it was going to explode," chimed Kate Ray better known as Memaw.

The family tried to put the flames out with a fire extinguisher, but when that didn't work they reached for Memaw's Mountain. A few splashes from bottled water also helped

"Mountain dew it did the trick. We just kept pouring and pouring. We still panicked cause the smoke didn't stop, so we through the kids on a ramp," Dawn said.

Dawn's husband, Barry, stayed behind to paddle the boat a mile back to shore. Luckily another boater stopped to help pull him in.

Dawn says this trip taught them a valuable lesson, to always have a backup plan.
NC Wildlife and Fisheries inspected the boat on the scene. The Ray family were in compliance with boating laws. Officials blame wiring issues for the fire.


Craven County Dispatcher send Fire and EMS crews to tackle a Sunday morning fire on a boat in New Bern.

Dispatchers said they believe the fire began from the boat's engine on 1209 Brices Creek Road around 10 a.m.

There were people on the boat at the time of the fire.  Whether there were injuries involved is unknown.

News Channel 12 is on the way to the scene for the facts.

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