Soccer fans celebrate World Cup final

Soccer fans celebrate World Cup final

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - A total of 32 teams competed in this year's FIFA World Cup, but there could only be one winner. Germany is the new World Cup winner. We sent NewsChannel 12 crews to a World Cup watch party at Buffalo Wild Wings in New Bern.

The restaurant was packed with fans from both teams Argentina and Germany.

For Ximena Ordonez, a native of Argentina, seeing her team in the finals made her happy but also miss home.

"This is the first time that I feel I should be back in Argentina or I should be in Brazil. I should be closer," Ordonez said.

A Cherry Point intramural soccer player, Bret Piburn said Germany did a fantastic job in this year's World Cup.

"They deserve it. They've been the best team in the world cup," Piburn said.

 Germany won with one goal late in the game. This is Germany's fourth World Cup win.

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