Snow in the South: A winter poem

Snow in the South: A winter poem

EASTERN CAROLINA - NewsChannel 12's Kyle Horan brings us a snow poem for this winter season.

Oh, Eastern Carolina.

It's time for for snow again.

This time around, the snow is a little nicer.

Instead of the long freeze, we can watch the snow melt.

Us patriotic southern folk just aren't used to this weather.

Heck, even the snow balls scare us.

Cross arms don't work quite right and the bridges, even scarier yet.

But hey, at least the dogs like it.

This time around, no school closings, only a delay.

And the work commute looks normal.

Here's to all those who keep working through the winter wonderland.

And the drive-thru, what would we do without you?

Or the DOT, who've not much to plow.

Or even the coolest reporter.


When the ice comes right off the window, we don't know who's happier.

That Shih-poo who's all over the place, or the snowman who someone was kind enough to build in the shade.

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