Skinned, Gutted Puppy Found In Shed

NEWPORT - Deputies arrested two people on animal cruelty charges after finding a dog eating the leg of another.

Carteret County deputies have arrested Gina Marie Alfano, 43, and Kevin John Diers, 52, of 618 East Branch Drive in Newport after investigators found a black dog eating the leg of an eight-week-old puppy that had been previously skinned and gutted.

Deputies and animal control officers responded Tuesday to the couple's home after an anonymous complaint. Once there, deputies received consent to look in a storage building and a Sheriff's Office spokesperson said they were shocked at what they found -- a puppy's carcass

Further investigation revealed the puppy?s internal organs and meat had been fed to the other dogs, deputies said.

The remains of the puppy have been collected for further analysis to determine how it was killed and if the trauma took place before or after it died. Upon further examination of the shed, another dog was found dead in a cage and was also taken away.

Alfano and Diers were both charged with cruelty to animals and failing to dispose of a deceased domesticated animal. Both subjects each posted a $25,000 bond and were released from the Carteret County Jail.

Both were set to have a first appearance in court on Thursday.

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