Six year old saves family:" I smelled smoke"

0106 6yo saves the day

GREENVILLE -  A 6 year-old girl alerts her family to a fire inside their Pitt County home. Pitt County dispatchers confirmed fire fighters responded to a kitchen fire on the 300 block of Elizabeth Street in Greenville, Sunday, around 8:30 AM.

The family says if it wasn't for a smart Kasiah Jackson, their situation might have been worse.

"It was smoke," Kasiah said, "so I hollered smoke ‘cause I really could smell it. It was really, really strong."

Her mother, Inec Jackson, said she was in her room when she heard her kids screaming.

"She smelled smoke and then my son came out in the hallway and said mom there's smoke all over the living room and kitchen," Inec said.  

"The whole den was covered with smoke, I told everybody to get out of the house," said her big brother Syef.

 According to the Jackson family, a Christmas tree stored in a bin is to blame when it mysteriously caught fire in the kitchen. The family said there were smoke detectors in the home, but they gignt dound off.

 The fire is still under investigation.

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