Sidewalks in the works for Trent Woods

Walking woes: tackling a sidewalk problem

Trent Woods - People with the town of Trent Woods want walking and biking to be safer and more enjoyable along the roadways.

Currently there are no sidewalks along several main roadways in the town.

The town put together a committee to handle the problem. The sidewalk committee has been putting together plans for either bike paths or sidewalks.

"Well, the streets are dangerous," Melissa Rankin said. "Some of the main roads have more traffic than they once did."

Rankin has been heading up the committee for several months. She got a grant from the DOT for $30,000. They town is using that money to create a feasibility plan.

People who live off of the main roads in Trent Woods are grateful.

"When you see people biking, and walking along the side of the road, there's just not enough room and it's quite dangerous," John Duffy said. Duffy has lived in Trent Woods for 7 years. He has 3 kids and doesn't let them play near the busy road.

Mayor Chuck Tyson said he hopes the plans can allow the room for joggers and bikers to exercise safely.

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