Side swiped by weather making history, again

EASTERN N.C. - What will become a potentially historic snow storm for New England brought heavy rain and winds to Eastern North Carolina overnight.

The main ingredient feeding into the developing Nor' Easter that will potentially cripple New England this weekend brought between 2-4 inches of rain to our area overnight. 

A gusty easterly wind combined with a high astronomical tide cycle backed water levels up on the west side of the sounds and into our rivers 1-2 feet above normal tide levels.  This also caused Highway 12 to close north of Mirlo on the Outer Banks due to ocean over wash.   There have been minor flooding reports in low lying and poor drainage areas.  

The photo above was sent in by a viewer Friday morning, showing ponding along the road near East Carteret High School. 

The center of the storm passed directly over Onslow and Carteret counties before sunrise this morning on its way to the Virginia Capes by noon. 

As the storm passed our winds have switched to a northwesterly direction and will continue to be gusty through overnight tonight into the first part of Saturday. 

Our skies will slowly clear as we progress through late this afternoon with sunny and cool temperatures expected for this weekend. 

Stay with StormTrack 12 Meteorologists as we continue to track this potentially history making storm. 

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