Shoppers react to RadioShack closings

Shoppers react to Radio Shack closings

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - RadioShack officials have announced that they're closing up to 1,100 stores nationwide. They blame the closings on a significant fourth quarter loss on an underwhelming holiday season. Shoppers here in Eastern Carolina have mixed reviews on the store.  

"I actually bought a power converter and some resisters that I couldn't find anywhere else," said shopper Jeff Fortier. "So, you always go back to 'Old Faithful.'"

Timothy Erwing thought "it was just a matter of time" before the retailer made this announcement.

It's unclear which stores will shut their doors. NewsChannel 12 spoke to the manager of the Jacksonville Mall RadioShack. He says he's confident that store won't close because it's a top seller, but he couldn't say with 100 percent certainty one way or another. Other calls to RadioShacks across ENC were referred to corporate headquarters.

NewsChannel 12 made several calls to corporate about specific store closings, we were unable to reach anyone.

Officials do say they'll close stores based on sales, location, area demographics and how long their leases are.

Some people hope the local stores stay open.

"You find those simple things that you can't find at the big stores, so I think it would kind of hurt, maybe some people, maybe not all of us," said shopper Jennifer Nichols.

The RadioShack website says the company is working on updating the store's image and products to become more competitive.

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